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Starter is an esteemed brand established in 1971

Once the 4th largest sports brand in the US, Starter made history as the first to venture into lifestyle products through co-branding efforts with collegiate and Olympic sports, as well as major sports leagues like the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB.

The iconic “S and Star” logo became synonymous with fashion status, adorning jacket sleeves and baseball caps, signifying authenticity and top-notch quality. In the 90s, Starter gained immense popularity with its snapback caps and satin jackets famously worn by cultural icons like Will Smith, Jazzy Jeff, and Kriss Kross. Starting off as an athletic apparel company, Starter evolved into a renowned brand by expanding its product line.

They forged strategic partnerships, leveraging the fervour and competitiveness of professional sports and hip-hop culture, teaming up with high-profile athletes and celebrities.

Today, Starter continues to thrive by embracing digital channels and collaborating with fashion designers, ensuring they stay relevant in a competitive market while remaining true to their roots in athletic apparel.